Warning failed while updating the boot sectors for disk0 partition1

When you are in the Boot device selection screen, Select your USB.Once you are on the installation screen, Press and Hold the Shift key and Press F10 to bring up a black window called Command Prompt. Now Type list disk and Press Enter to list all storage disks attached to your computer.Boot sector is important to load the Windows in memory for the purpose of execution.So, if the boot sector gets corrupted for some reason, this error will resist the Windows from loading.The other cause of this error might be the Hard Disk failure.If the hard disk has a bad sector or malware, then it would also do the same by preventing Windows from loading. These solutions will definitely let you roll back to your Windows without losing any important data.Your EFI volume will have FAT32 written in the Fs column.

In order to fix this error message, you can use tool which in built-in inside Windows.

Bring your DVD/USB to the top as a First Boot Device.

Save changes to the settings and restart your PC again.

Now Type sel disk 0 and Press Enter to select your disk with Windows 8 in it.

Type list vol and Press Enter to list all volumes Now you have to Recognize 2 volumes here, the EFI volume and the volume on which your Windows is installed.

This error is associated with the Windows Boot Manager and whenever Windows tries to read Boot Configuration Data, it displays this error message insisting the users to repair their PCs through Windows Installation Media.

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