Dating someone abstinent cantact cards for dating

@moonglade I see what your saying because lots of my friends don’t think sex is serious and at times I’ve wondered why I thought it was so important, but I don’t necessarily think that it’s the most important thing ever cause I definitely don’t.But I also like to stay within the practices of my religion and it has seemed to cause my life much less stress than those of my friends who regularly have sex.I don’t even know if I’m the marrying type so that could prove to be an indefinite thing.

I’m usually surprised initially when they say it doesn’t bother them and that they want to date me anyways but after a while maybe they feel like they just can’t take it anymore. @beccasawyer, For me, sex is a great way to further get to know someone…

further create an emotional, physical bond with someone.

Dating someone and not having sex with them would make me feel like I don’t know them as well as I could know them, or that we aren’t as close as we could be.

and then, when they don’t see it as a possibility anymore, they dump you. And it’s hard (if not impossible) to tell who is going to be that way about it and who is going to be sincere.

@hallucinate I actually think that’s one of the benefits of me not having sex with people..

That’s your decision to make…it’s none of my business.

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